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Grace Stackable Drums

Dual handle storage drums for bulk items in and around the house. Each drum comes with an air tight lid that helps keep the contents safe from unfavorable conditions like moisture and pests. An ideal solution for storing grains or any household item. De clutter your any space with the varying sized drums.

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Each drum is designed and manufactured using Virgin Plastic, while maintaining the highest quality standards. The extra thick outer walls and reinforced base make them extra strong and ensure a long service life. The drums come in five vibrant colors. Alongside the dual metal handles, each drum comes with in-mould handles that are built into the drums as grooves. These offer great strength that is needed to lift heavy loads without bending or breaking. Available in various sizes and capacities.


Can be used for food grains storage, water storage, garbage dustbin, waste management bin with strong durable body. Enhances the appearance of your room & allows you to keep surroundings clean & hygienic.


Beige, Blue, Brown, Grey, Off-White, Pink, Red, Royal Blue

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