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Renzo Laundry Basket

Eliminate the clutter in your room and create a neat appearance with this highly versatile laundry basket. High quality finishing with removable lid | Sturdy build with thick walls that offer higher durability and better weight-holding capability. Up to 10kg load bearing capacity. Durable for up to 5 Years.

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Use this laundry bin to hold clothes that need to be washed, folded, or transported from room to room in your home. The size is great to fit in small spaces.

Portable: easy-to-carry basket with handles for kitchen, laundry and kids room.
Sturdy yet light weight: made from a sturdy material and durable yet it is light weight.


instead of throwing dirty clothes on the floor, you can put all Your laundry into the laundry hamper to keep your bedroom neat and clean. The lid of the hamper is detachable, washable and easy to clean.


Beige, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink, Red, Royal Blue

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