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Rattan Laundry Basket

Easy-to-carry basket with handles for kitchen, laundry and kids room

Keep your laundry safely off the floor and carefully contained in this plastic wicker laundry basket. As spacious as it is stylish, this convenient hamper offers ample room to hold multiple loads of your laundry items at once.

Portable easy-to-carry basket with handles for laundry, closet and kids room. It is perfect as a laundry basket, as well as kid’s toy storage. It is tall enough to hold lots of laundry. It is made from a sturdy material and durable yet it is soft enough to hold both handles with one hand. Its ageless design is stylish and fit to any home.

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Our removable hinged cover can be conveniently opened with one hand, which is great when you’re holding a bunch of laundry in your arms! Along the top of the basket are 2 built in handles for easy carrying and transportation in between rooms or to the laundromat or dry cleaners.


You’ll love the elegant look of our basket wicker style weave. it allows airflow to reduce dampness and musty smells from building up. Unlike wood based wicker, there are no sharp or pointy edges that can get caught on clothing or snag and rip linens and towels.


Here at Graceware, we rigorously design and test superior cleaning equipment for use in homes, offices and beyond. We constantly expand our product line and reinvent our existing products to make life easier for our customers.


This conveniently large hamper can hold multiple loads of laundry at one time, helping to save space, and allowing you to enjoy all the storage you need at hand for those heavy-duty laundry days

Constructed of durable plastic for years of quality use. Easy to take and carry.
Dimensions 18.3 × 10.2 × 23.5 in

Beige, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Off-White, Pink, Red

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