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Grace Picnic Basket

Split-lid design that provides a level surface for food and drinks

With a dual-entry lid, the Grace Picnic basket offers easy access and is the perfect companion for those weekend family trips. Its sturdy plastic wicker construction ensures ventilation while offering ample space to fit enough food and drinks for the entire family.

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A must have product for the modern family. With its unique look and high quality material, the grace picnic basket offers great utility for your outdoor family trips. Store anything and everything, from fruits, vegetables, pantry items , toiletries, beauty products, make-up kit for women, school supplies, mail, magazines, crafts and office supplies and more. Stylish dual handle with side cut-outs make carrying the hamper a breeze.


The large compartment can hold all your favorite goodies. Meats, cheese, and sandwiches. As well as fruit, chips, and pastries. Even sneak a little wine in, it will be our little secret


Features a graceful weave design that allows for ventilation that helps keep moisture away while ensuring sufficient air and light to pass. Additionally, the weave pattern offers structural support and ensures the basket stays sturdy in all conditions.

Dimensions 19.3 × 12.1 × 9.4 in

Beige, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink, Red

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