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Floret Bath Stool

Durable skid-resistant stepping stool

The Floret Bath Stool is a multipurpose, lightweight and durable base stool that fits under any chair or table in a room or bathroom. It can fit under the sink or help to reach higher shelves. Available in a range of colors – easy to clean and use. Supporting a rigid structure, the it combines form with functionality. The moulded design adds to the aesthetics of your bathroom and is suitable for daily use.

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Wide base design to ensure safety while in use.

A must have utility item in any bathroom, the floret bath stool is great as both for sitting or just as a stepping stool when something is just out of reach. The wide base design ensures safety while the stool is in use. Drain hole in the center ensures water does not stay on top.


Beige, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Off-White, Pink, Red

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