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Floret Basin Tub

Multi-purpose tub built for a variety of washing needs

Convenient wash basin for adults and kids. Use it as a footbath or as a bucket for washing. A perfect companion for all your household needs. Perfect for washing dishes, soaking laundry, shampoo basin, weeding, icing beverages, and outdoor cleaning.

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Anti slip markings to ensure a safe grip regardless of load

The Floret tub is perfect for washing dishes, cleaning floors and more. Great for indoor and outdoor usage.

The portable tub features a raised base that allow water to flow underneath, and its rigid design allows it to withstand on its own for easy cleaning with no mess.

Made of tough and highly durable plastic that is impact resistant, protects against warpage, and helps prevent stress cracks.


Beige, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Off-White, Pink, Red

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