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Duraplex Bath Set

Add unmatched style to any bathroom

With its crystalline texture, the Duraplex Bath Set is a welcome addition to any bathroom. Offering optimal bath accessories that support a sturdy build and functional design. Add style and functionality to your bathroom with this five piece bath accessories set. Available in 5 vibrant colors. Made of highly durable and break resistant plastic.

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Stylish and durable accessories for use in the bathroom and around the house

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, each piece comes with a crystalline finish for that premium and elegant feel. All pieces have been designed with the end user in mind and offer functionality as well as convenience.

Available in opaque and a versatile crystal finish

Available in both opaque and an elegant crystal finish, the Duraplex Bath Set offers 5 durable and functional accessories that add a distinct style to your bath or laundry room while offering great utility. Every piece in the set is designed and manufactured to perform and last for years. Available in 5 distinct and vibrant colors.


Beige, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Off-White, Pink, Red

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