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Beauty Soap Stand

Made from high grade plastic, the Beauty Soap Stand offers a functional design that offers easy water drainage through its five slits and helps avoid your soap melting away.

Perfect match your bathroom and kitchen. The base side of the soap drains water and the top cover makes sure your soap stays dry. Keeps your house clean and tidy.

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The soap holder has a self-draining levels. Put the soap box right on the edge of the sink, the water will drip into the sink and keep your soap dry and make it last longer. Made of clear, durable plastic for years of quality use.

Rectangular design matches shape of bar soap to securely hold any standard bar

Works great in the shower/ bathroom/ bathtub/ counter top/ kitchen and more. For soap/dish washing sponge and more.


Beige, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Off-White, Pink, Red, Royal Blue

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